We were pleasantly surprised with the developed product and the dedicated customer care staff.

Pam Mundra

“They went above and beyond… this is how I would describe what Barb and Sally Anne did for my family and me. They came in, quickly made a “to do” list and provided us with excellent referrals for many of the jobs. When we had the house ready, they came back and made it look like a model home. Our house sold quickly, and I know it was thanks to their professional knowledge of preparing a home. After selling and moving out of that house and getting moved into the home we had purchased, Barb and Sally Anne became my guardian angels as there were many home improvement projects that needed to be done before we settled in. Truly, they were unbelievable! Want to prep ahouse for sale or update your home? These ladies are who you call. They are super efficient, highly effective, and real pros! 

Fran Kenney, Raleigh NC

As professional real estate photographer, it's very important to me that the homes I photograph be well prepared before I arrive for the photo shoot. I photograph homes that Leave It To Us has staged on a weekly basis and every time I do so, my job gets instantly easier. Their eye for detail and telling the story of the various rooms with their creative arranging of furnishings take care of every scene I photograph in these homes. It's very easy for me to understand why I get so many emails from agents who use Leave It To Us for staging, that the homes sold in a matter of days.  

Bob Fortner Photography

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