Moving In?

Making your new house a home 

When you purchase a home, it doesn't always come perfectly suited for your tastes or needs.  Our designers can assist you with everything from fresh paint or cabinetry, to new layouts and whole house renovations.  If our own staff is unable to undertake a part of a project, we have a network of highly qualified subcontractors that we work with who can complete the tasks to our exacting standards.  We will make any and every space as customized as a bespoke suit.  

Bought your house to sell?

In the years since the housing market crash of 2008, many enterprising people have been purchasing inexpensive properties with the sole purpose of making improvements and then selling the newly appraised house.  This is called Flipping and if you are interested in taking on a flip house, but do not possess the handy skills to pursue your vision, we are here to help! Learn more here!

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